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California Condo insurance coverage

Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance

Every condo owner needs the protection of insurance. Policies for a condo are a little different than other home insurance policies. With home insurance, the physical structure of the home and any outbuildings on the property are covered. While renter’s insurance doesn’t include the physical structure, it does protect the renter’s personal possessions. All of these policies allow for the replacement of any items damaged in a disaster. Condo insurance isn't much different. At Sunny Day Insurance Agency Inc., our agents work with condo owners throughout California. If you have any questions, we can help!

Knowing What Insurance is Necessary

The condo association will purchase a master policy. This protects the building and any features on the grounds. It will also cover the common areas, including any fixtures. Every condo association has a different type and level of coverage, so it’s crucial that you understand the insurance policies your association has. Also, your association may change its coverage periodically.

There are two types of policies that condo associations carry: “walls in” and “walls out.” Some of the condo’s interior fixtures may be covered with a “walls in” policy. Any upgrades are excluded, however. With a “wall out” policy, no fixtures are included. Both policy types do not cover any of the personal items inside the unit, such as furniture, clothing, or electronics. Both protect any features on the property that is outside of the unit.

Your home is an investment, so you need to make sure that it is covered with the right insurance. At Sunny Day Insurance Agency, Inc., our agents work with condo owners in California to make sure that they have the coverage that they need. First, find out what coverage your condo association has then come in to talk with one of our agents. We can make sure that your coverage doesn’t have any gaps and that it adequately protects your interests. Your home is important! Don’t want until there is a problem. Come in and talk with our agents today!

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